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CSV Source for
YOOtheme Pro

Feed your YOOtheme Pro layouts with structured data from a local CSV file, supporting custom delimeters, offset and limit.

What is a Content Source

A YOOtheme Pro content source allows you to load dynamic content into your layouts. Whenever that content changes, it will be automatically updated across your entire website.

The Source Configuration

Create as many source instances as needed with different configurations each.

The specified name will be used during mapping to identify this particular source instance.
Input the CSV formated file path manually or use the File Picker.
If necessary, adjust the Enclosure and Delimiter to the format of the file.

Did You Know...

...that even though the Sources Manager is part of Essentials, anyone can create their own Source based on it?

Learn How to Create a Source

The Source Mapping

Map the source data to any element with offset and limit.

CSV Source is part of Sources,
an Essential Addon for YOOtheme Pro
and get access to all Essentials