An advanced Form Builder for YOOtheme Pro

Build a Contact form, Registration form, or What's Your Favourite Cookie form, with the design freedom and power of the YOOtheme Pro Page Builder.

Premium Addon

Drag & Drop Form Builder

Compose your forms with all the power and flexibility of the YOOtheme Pro Page Builder. Any Section or Section Column can be enabled as a submittable Form area where any element, form-based or not, can be rendered.

After Submit Actions

Process submissions with a set of repeatable, orderable, and conditionally executed Actions. Send emails with the submitted data, save those to a CSV file, show a message, or redirect to another page.

Double Layer Validation

The optional HTML 5 validation will prevent a submission before sending any data, while the inbuilt Ajaxed Server Side validation will check again before accepting the submission. Double layer validation without reloads for a more advanced and secure validation workflow.

Spam Protection

With Google reCAPTCHA v2/v3 or Honeypot fields integration, form submissions are protected against spam bots and abuse by using advanced techniques to tell humans and bots apart.

Form Builder Elements

A collection of ready-to-use Builder elements to set up the Form covering most input needs.


The Input element renders standard HTML inputs with support for all basic types, Text, Number, Email, Date, Time, Week, Month, Password, Tel, and Url.

Note that some browsers might not support a certain type in which case it will default to the input type text.


The Textarea element renders a standard HTML textarea.


The Select element renders a standard HTML select.


The Upload element renders an upload field enhanced by UIkit.


The Checkbox element renders checkbox fields with enhanced validation and HTML text support.


The Radio element renders radio fields with enhanced validation and HTML text support.


The Range element renders a range field.


The Fieldset element renders a set of selected fields as a group.



The Form Button element renders the Submit and Reset form buttons.


The Hidden element renders a Hidden input used to submit information without user interaction. The data can be inputted manually or mapped to a YOOtheme Pro Dynamic Content.


Renders a Google reCAPTCHA field v2 and v3, a free service that protects your site from spam and abuse. It uses advanced risk analysis techniques to tell humans and bots apart.


A GDPR friendly field CAPTCHA alternative for blocking spam based on the Honeypot technique that requires no configurations or external services.

After Submit Actions

An effective way to perform an action after successful submission. Actions will run consequently in the order they have been set.


This action sends a customized email with tags dynamically replaced by the submitted content.

Save to CSV

This action accumulatively saves the submitted data in a CSV format to a specified file.


This action displays a custom message to the user in a modal with support for Fields Tag Replacement.


This action redirects the user to a specified URL, with an optional message that will be displayed using the Joomla / WordPress core message display system.


Triggers a file download after the form has been successfully submitted. It execution can be further limited with the integration of Access Conditions.


Declare your own Form Elements and After Submit Actions in a Child Theme or a YOOtheme Pro custom module.

Thoughtful Integration

Using best coding and guidance practices to deliver a native integration relying only on the framework API and UI.
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