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Premium WordPress and Joomla Addons for YOOtheme Pro and ZOO

Join over a thousand customers who have set themself apart with thoughtfully crafted addons for YOOtheme Pro Page Builder and ZOO CCK.
Essential Addons For
YOOtheme Pro Builder
Empower Your Websites With Essential Addons for YOOtheme Pro, the most powerful WordPress and Joomla page builder

Crafted by Geeks for Geeks

We are a team of YOOtheme enthusiasts whose expertise is driven by daily use and an in-depth understanding of YOOtheme's capabilities, ensuring we deliver exceptional results for both you and ourselves.

Essential Addons For

Essentials for YOOtheme ZOO are a must go for ZOO veterans as well as most adventourus Joomla developers.

Core Extensions

Pro elements, advanced modules, SEO improvements, and more gathered together to take ZOO to next level.

Frontend Filtering

Advanced filtering for any ZOO App with composable forms, permalinks, custom layouts, and much more.

Content Translation

Translate within ZOO and control on an element level the localization conditions. A must-have for any ZOO multilingual site.

Loved by All, Essential to Many

Essential Addons are the cornerstone of a decade-long journey in the YOOtheme ecosystem. It features blend flawlessly, endure the test of time, and set your site apart.
We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.