Thoughtfully crafted addons that will become essential for all your Joomla & WordPress YOOtheme projects

Essential Addons for YOOtheme Pro

Advanced Form Builder

Compose beautifull forms with the power and flexibility of YOOtheme Pro Page Builder and After Submit Actions.

Next Level Dynamic Content

Feed your YOOtheme Pro layouts with data from local and external sources, such as Instagram, Google Sheet, Database, CSV and others.

Elements Conditional Rendering

Compose conditions that will determine if a YOOtheme Pro Element should be rendered, with support for Dynamic Values and evaluation logic.

A Collection of +12k Icons

Expand the YOOtheme Pro icon library with custom and 3rd party collections including Font Awesome, Bootstrap, Ionicons, Zondicons, and many others.

Essential Addons for
YOOtheme ZOO

Pro elements, advanced modules, smart integrations, SEO improvements, and more gathered together to take ZOO to next level. No hacks, no risks, Essentials for ZOO is the culmination of years of experience.

Multilingual Support

Translate within ZOO and control on an element level the localization conditions. A must-have for any ZOO multilingual site.

Content Filtering

Advanced filtering for any ZOO App with composable forms, permalinks, custom layouts, and much more.

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