Essential Addons for YOOtheme Pro


  • Reached Stable Milestone!
  • Added LinkedIn as Social Sharing preset network.


  • Fixed Joomla! install dependency check.


  • Added Markdown element.
  • Added pre install/activate dependencies minimum version check.
  • Improved Icons modal performance when listing large amount of items.
  • Fixed WordPress plugin loading (regression introduced in beta.5).


  • Added 1-click update support.
  • Added filter by name query for the icons selection Modal.
  • Added My Icons support, a collection of icons from the current Child Theme expected at child_theme_path/myicons.


  • Added Social Sharing items Advanced fields.
  • Fixed WordPress Access Language rule current locale.
  • Fixed Social Sharing links target.
  • Fixed Social Sharing WhatsApp link.
  • Fixed Social Sharing icon consistency for predefined networks.
  • Fixed Icons support for attributes hard coded in value.
  • Fixed Access PHP warning when setting fields on some elements edge configurations.


  • Added attributes field in elements Advanced settings.
  • Fixed Access Date help description and format parsing.
  • Fixed Chart element data decimals input.
  • Fixed Icons listing regression introduced in beta.2.


  • Breaking change. The icon nomenclature has changed for 3rd party providers from provider-group:icon-name to provider-group--icon-name.
  • Breaking change. The Date Access Rule input value has changed to ISO 8601 format: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssTZD.
  • Added support for extended Icons in buttons.
  • Added Access user related rules a Strict option. When enabled the user must have all selected levels for the rule to validate.
  • Added support for custom icons providers at media/yooessentials/icons and wp-content/yooessentials/icons for Joomla and WordPress respectively.
  • Fixed Icons rendering in WordPress.
  • Fixed Access Language rule in WordPress.
  • Fixed Access User Access rule in WordPress.
  • Fixed Chart Element mixed charts. The Chart Type is now a global option with option to override on each Dataset.


  • First Release