Advanced Dynamic Content Workflow for YOOtheme Pro

Dynamic Addon

Explode YOOtheme Pro Builder Dynamic Content possibilities with Field Sources, Source Inheritance, and Global Queries.

Field Sources

Set on a Node Field level the source which content to map, combine multiple sources into a single element

Source Inheritance

Inherit the source from the current or closest node. Set parent/child node relations for advanced element outputs.

Custom Queries

Set custom queries, join multi-content values with a separator before or after the filters, or return the raw value.
Field Sources
Inherit the query from the current or closest node.
Use a global source directly.
Use a custom query.
Use a preset global query.
  • Inherit the query from the current or closest node.
  • Use a global source directly.
  • Use a custom query.
  • Use a preset global query.

Advanced Dynamic Conditions

Core and custom sources support for Dynamic Conditions with Multiple Sources evaluation

In combination with Access Addon and Source Inheritance, condition rules are ready to evaluate the content or filter a list with multiple sources support.
Dynamic Conditions
Multiple sources evaluation
All rules support dynamic content.
  • Multiple sources evaluation
  • All rules support dynamic content.

Global Queries

Set a query once, then use it globally across elements or layouts as a node or a field source

Global Queries
Manage existing queries.
Edit Query Settings
  • Manage existing queries.
  • Edit Query Settings

What is Dynamic Content

YOOtheme Pro Dynamic Content loads content into your layouts using local or external sources. Whenever that content changes, it will be automatically updated across your entire site.

User Reviews

What our clients have to say about
Dynamic Addon

  • Source Inheriting is a game-changing feature for element developers, it opens an era of layered elements for YOOtheme Pro builder that was impossible before. I want to thank ZOOlanders team on behalf of Flart Studio and our users who have been waiting for this feature to come.
    Anatoliy, Flart Studio
  • This is so exciting, and the possibilities... I can't even get my head around all that becomes possible. It is amazing that in one element we can map fields from different sources. Wonderful!
    Kamyar, NewCycle.Studio
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