A Collection of 4300+ Icons for YOOtheme Pro

Expand the Builder icon library with Font Awesome, Ionicons, Zondicons, Teenyicons, and custom collections.

Premium Addon

Icon Collections

Drop your custom collections in the collections folder or declare them within a YOOtheme Pro module. Access them all together with Font Awesome, Ionicons, Zondicons, and Teenyicons within the icon picker Collections tab.

Fast Icon Browsing

Browse and Search through all collections at once, or narrow it down to a specific collection and group, without sacrificing speed thanks to the lazy and cached loading.

Project Specific Collection

Place commonly used icons in a Child Theme and get quick access to those under My Icons Tab. A convenient way to keep your project-related icons safe and reachable.

Better Organization

Keep your icons organized and scoped by creating a subfolder for each group in your collection folder.

Thoughtful Integration

No extra scripts or styles to worry about, every icon is a native UIkit icon loaded only when required.


  • Access to Elements Addon
  • Documentation & Basic Support
  • No registration required


Special Launch Price

  • Access to all Addons
  • 1-year subscription
  • Support for unlimited sites