Essential Addons

Thoughtfully crafted addons that will boost your YOOtheme Pro page building experience.
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Form Builder

Build a Contact form, a Registration form, or a What's Your Favourite Cookie form, with the design freedom and power of the YOOtheme Pro Page Builder.


The YOOtheme Pro builder allows you to create beautiful, and optimized forms with no knowledge of coding.


The submission takes place in the background, validates with HTML5 and AJAX/PHP. No reloads.


Submissions are protected against spam bots and abuse with Google reCAPTCHA integration.

10+ Elements to Build Your Form

The Form Builder comes with an expanding collection of ready-to-use elements. Easily extend it with your own custom elements.












After Submit Actions

Process submissions with a growing set of repeatable, orderable and conditionally executed Actions. Easily add your own custom actions.

Send Email

Send an email with Submission Data placeholders, attach static or submited files.

Save CSV

Save the Submission in a specified CSV file, easily view all submissions in an Spreadsheet.


Display a Modal with a customized message and Submission Data placeholders.


Redirect the user to a specified url, e.g. a dedicate Thank You page.

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Elements Access Conditions

Combine all the needed rules to set a condition that will determine if an element should be rendered or not.

Rules for the Right Condition

Grouped by topics the rules can be enabled and combined to form the required condition. Esily declare your own rules and reuse them across projects.
Focused on the current user Group, Access or Role.
Date & Time
Focused on the Date, Time, Day, Month and Season.
Focused on the site URL and Language.
Focused on the IP, Browser and Operative System.

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A Collection of 4300+ Icons

Expand the icons library with Font Awesome, Ionicons, Zondicons and Teenyicons collections or add your own.
Change the size, style, and others as used to.
No extra scripts or styles added, a native UIkit integragion.
Use one of the provided collections or add your own.
My Icons
Keep project related icons in the Child Theme easily.

free element

Make your content sharable on social media.

Let users share your website content on their favorite social media network being that Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, or a custom preset network.

A free element that will boost your website social media engagement.

free element

Create great-looking charts, easily.

Set your data in the Chart element and choose the type of chart among Line, Vertical Bar, Horizontal Bar, Radar, Pie, Doughnut, Polar Area, Bubble, or Scatter.

A free element based on Chart.js that will make your data fun to set and fun to watch.

free element

Write you content down the Markdown way.

Write your content with Markdown syntax or choose a file as source, and render it converted and cached. Markdown is a beautiful way to write content and is now one step closer to YOO.

A free element that will easy your content input, and porting content from other sources.

Essential Addons that every YOOtheme Pro project will benefit from


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