Essential Addons for YOOtheme Pro

Free and Premium Addons That Will Boost Your Next YOOtheme Pro Joomla or Wordpress Project

Content Access Builder Extension


Access rules for elements rendering

An essential and versatile feature that extends the Builder adding access rules to any element.

Control when and if an element should be rendered

Stay in control, set the criteria that the user or circumstances have to meet for a particular element to be rendered.

Use predefined rules or declare custom ones

Use any of the predefined rules, or even combine them. If that's still not enough you can always declare your custom rules on your plugin.

Be aware of the elements being affected

Elements affected by a rule ar marked with a shield icon, if required you can disable a specific rule, or the entire feature completely.

The Rules


Joomla and Wordpress

Render al element if the current date is after Publish Up and before Publish Down dates.


Joomla and Wordpress

Render an element if the site current language matches the selected languages.

User Level

Joomla and Wordpress

Render an element if the current user Access Levels match the selected levels.

User Group

Joomla Specific

Render an element if the current user Group Levels match the selected levels.

Icons Builder Extension


A collection of 3000+ icons

Extend the Builder with new icon libraries like Font Awesome, Ionicons, and Zondicons. Furthermore, add your own icon collections.

Get access to 3000+ icons

Font Awesome, Ionicons and Zondicons combined gives you access to more than 3000 icons.

Set your own collections

Set your own items collections, structure them as you need, and reuse them among all your projects.

Keep your icons save

Set a Child Theme and enable My Icons for faster access and icon version persistance.

Benefit from native integration

Change the aspect ratio, style, and more from any icon as if it was a true native UIkit icon.

free element

Make your content sharable on social media.

Let users share your website content on their favorite social media network being that Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, or a custom preset network.

A free element that will boost your website social media engagement.

free element

Create great-looking charts, easily.

Set your data in the Chart element and choose the type of chart among Line, Vertical Bar, Horizontal Bar, Radar, Pie, Doughnut, Polar Area, Bubble, or Scatter.

A free element based on Chart.js that will make your data fun to set and fun to watch.

free element

Write you content down the Markdown way.

Write your content with Markdown syntax or choose a file as source, and render it converted and cached. Markdown is a beautiful way to write content and is now one step closer to YOO.

A free element that will easy your content input, and porting content from other sources.

Essential Addons that every YOOtheme Pro project will benefit from


  • Access to Free Addons
  • Access to the Documentation
  • No Direct Support


Special Launch Price

  • Free + Premium Addons
  • 1-year subscription
  • Premium Support for unlimited sites



  • Reached Stable Milestone!
  • Added LinkedIn as Social Sharing preset network.


  • Fixed Joomla! install dependency check.


  • Added Markdown element.
  • Added pre install/activate dependencies minimum version check.
  • Improved Icons modal performance when listing large amount of items.
  • Fixed WordPress plugin loading (regression introduced in beta.5).


  • Added 1-click update support.
  • Added filter by name query for the icons selection Modal.
  • Added My Icons support, a collection of icons from the current Child Theme expected at child_theme_path/myicons.


  • Added Social Sharing items Advanced fields.
  • Fixed WordPress Access Language rule current locale.
  • Fixed Social Sharing links target.
  • Fixed Social Sharing WhatsApp link.
  • Fixed Social Sharing icon consistency for predefined networks.
  • Fixed Icons support for attributes hard coded in value.
  • Fixed Access PHP warning when setting fields on some elements edge configurations.


  • Added attributes field in elements Advanced settings.
  • Fixed Access Date help description and format parsing.
  • Fixed Chart element data decimals input.
  • Fixed Icons listing regression introduced in beta.2.


  • Breaking change. The icon nomenclature has changed for 3rd party providers from provider-group:icon-name to provider-group--icon-name.
  • Breaking change. The Date Access Rule input value has changed to ISO 8601 format: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssTZD.
  • Added support for extended Icons in buttons.
  • Added Access user related rules a Strict option. When enabled the user must have all selected levels for the rule to validate.
  • Added support for custom icons providers at media/yooessentials/icons and wp-content/yooessentials/icons for Joomla and WordPress respectively.
  • Fixed Icons rendering in WordPress.
  • Fixed Access Language rule in WordPress.
  • Fixed Access User Access rule in WordPress.
  • Fixed Chart Element mixed charts. The Chart Type is now a global option with option to override on each Dataset.


  • First Release