Reinventing ZOOlanders

25 January 2018
Six months ago was our last post, and before that our release schedule was far from optimal. We know that is not the way to lead a project and long before that we were already asking ourselves what...

Reinventing ZOO, part 2

13 June 2017
I remember back then in the initial states of ZOO how my mind was blown away with the vast possibilities it was offering. It didn’t take much to realize, though, that the bottleneck was the UI. For...

Reinventing ZOO, part 1

23 March 2017
Hi ZOO lovers and welcome to the first part of Reinventing ZOO. Because we all want it and we just can’t wait any more. Let’s do it!

Insights Into The Future

28 December 2016
We’ve been quiet for some time for good reasons, and you’re right, we should’ve let you know what is going on. So here are our insights into the future.