Vuikit Stable Release

16 Mar, 2018

We are proud to announce that Vuikit, our UI library side project, has reached a stable and documented version compatible with UIkit 3. Vuikit is the pillar of all our future development, and reaching a stable version was a challenging but necessary task.

During ZOOadmin development Vuikit has been tested to its limits, resulting in several refactorings. While working on the documentation the API has been simplified, edge issues were solved and minor missing features were added. All those iterations contributed to making the source code smaller, efficient and easier to maintain. No matter if you are a Vue or UIkit user, there is something for you in Vuikit and we are inviting you to try it out as:

A prototyping tool

How many lines of codes are needed to set a simple table? Honestly, I don’t want to count, I rather just do:

<vk-table data="[...]">
  <vk-table-column title="" cell="" />

With such simplified code making fast and functional prototyping is a joy, and the best of all, the same code could go into production!

You can of course override the cell rendering or even create your custom columns and that is exactly what we did in ZOOadmin. Using simple Vue functional components the columns are rendering the element values with a specific output for each type. Because they are rendered on the fly, it is even possible to reorder them or remove them.

A UI library for your next SPA project

Chances are that you are or will get involved in a Vue related project, that you love UIkit and will try to use it. But the workarounds to get it working inside Vue will soon become noise in your code. Forget about workarounds, and use Vuikit while keeping full compatibility with your UIkit themes.

Integrating a Single Page App in Joomla is possible altogether with VueRouter and Vuex, a very interesting approach that we are embracing with ZOOadmin.

A way to expand our Extensions

Soon enough the transition over Vuikit will be obvious in the ZOOlanders ecosystem and the only way to expand the UI will be through Vue layouts. Get ahead of the game and learn the basics.

Give Vuikit a try, and if you find it useful as we do, don’t hesitate to post your feedback or feature requests in the project main repository.

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