The Evolution Outcome

3 Sep, 2018

We have been writing a lot about reinventing ZOO and ZOOlanders, a mighty quest that made us evolve as developers and as a company. The outcome is deep and brings a series of changes that will set the grounds for the new ZOOlanders.

One of the first points we want to address is the amount of products we manage. Their maintenance and logistics become difficult and we are going to solve that by refactoring them into just four products: ZOO Cart, ZOO Filter, ZOO Events and ZOO Pro.

Wait, we haven’t told you yet about ZOO Pro? Oh, you are gonna love it!

We are happy to announce ZOO Pro, a new product that integrates ZOOlanders core features into one component. And the best of all? It will have a free version!

How many times have you been required to perform a very specific task across a bunch of Items? Or thought how convenient it would be to have full control over what columns and content are shown in the App Items Lists? That and more will be possible with the built-in Bulk Actions and Custom Views. Furthermore, being able to use ZOOlanders Pro features seemingly within the same UI, is priceless.

We are in a sense creating a totally new ZOO experience and yet we are not forking it because we absolutely love YOO and we want to keep supporting them, but without the limitations we had until now. And we believe we found that nice spot where we can all grow on our own way and timing.

There is a lot more to say and a lot more to be excited about, as we work on the new posts we invite you to join the ZOO Pro Betalist and be part of the development of what is going to be the best ZOOlanders product so far.

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