New Year, Welcome

30 Jan, 2019

I find my self writing this post days before moving to Hamburg and months after deep ZOOlanders restructuring. It's a New Year and we are full of surprises, and yet me moving to Hamburg is the most exciting one, but let’s not get ahead of our selves.

We are pleased to introduce our brand new website!

We really like the old site, its design was peculiar, playful and it served its purpose very well, but we are happy that we managed to update, after so many years, our most important asset.

We opted for a simple design with a nice color palette based on a YOOtheme Pro theme. The sections have been simplified and the offer restructured to only six products: ZOOessentials • ZOOcart • ZOOlingual • ZOOfilter • ZOOevents • ZOOcompare. ZOOessentials is a new product which combines all our other products into one.

We took the opportunity to update our subscriptions as well. Each product offers a 49€ per 6 months or 79€ per 1 year subscription. The packages have been removed except for the All In One which is available for 299€ per 1 year. And of course, your active subscriptions have been upgraded to the new ones.

All these changes allowed us to integrate the so much awaited Joomla! 1-click updates. Simply get your Download-ID from the site and set it in the ZOOlanders Framework Plugin settings.

One could say ZOO has become a jungle where cutting through the vast vegetation is getting tougher and no matter how sharp your tools are or how bold and creative you get, you will not get through. We certainly felt that way and just when we realized we were lost in the deep jungle we found somebody else there, YOOtheme. It turns out they are fighting the jungle as we are: the productivity, the delivery, the market… and when they saw us they smiled and invited us to join the fight.

ZOOlanders has been invited to work closely together with YOOtheme in the next ZOO version and it is the very reason I am moving to Hamburg this February!

That is huge and it means a lot for ZOO and ZOOlanders. It also means ZOO Pro development, aka ZOOadmin, is canceled, but it features and all the experience we have gathered in the past years will be directly reflected in the new ZOO version.

Once the ZOO development has reached a certain level of maturity, we will start planning our strategy around it and will let you know all about it. We are excited, I am excited, and I hope you are now excited as well for my trip to Hamburg :)

Happy New Year!

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